Insecurities vs Flaws

What’s the difference between an insecurity and a flaw? I recently went on live with a special guest and discussed the differences between the two and the effects both have on black women. The first issue is really distinguishing the two, what is a flaw and what is an insecurity? Here are my definitions; A … Continue reading Insecurities vs Flaws

Does Time Matter?

I really hate discussing romance most days, but I feel compelled to most of the time because I see some of the things black women tolerate all in the name of love. I know everyone needs love, but being blatantly disrespected for the sake of never being alone tells a lot about who you are.  … Continue reading Does Time Matter?

The Balancing Act

At my age, the world says I’m supposed to have it all figured out and all together, and honestly, I don’t. Society says I am supposed to be able to juggle my career, friends, family, romance and myself. However, society doesn’t tell me how to balance it all, no road maps, no examples not even … Continue reading The Balancing Act

Imposter Syndrome: Who Am I Really?

Feeling like all you’ve accomplished and where you are now are not who you actually are. It is as if your accomplishments are not your own. The question then is, who exactly are you? Imposter Syndrome is as real as water and air, it is a psychological pattern when an individual doubts their skills, talents or … Continue reading Imposter Syndrome: Who Am I Really?

Validity and Its Importance

Validation is a deadly double entendre, well to me. Some people believe that people who need to be validated are insecure and lack confidence, others view validation as a form of reassuring a person that they are entitled to their feelings. Before we dig too deep into it, lets vaguely define validation.  Validation is recognition … Continue reading Validity and Its Importance

The Journey of A Ward of The State

I believe that black women undergo so much trauma, and I don't say it as a means to demand sympathy, but mainly to highlight that we do go through a lot and as a result are forced to overcome our circumstances and rise above it all. Here's a story about a black woman whose done … Continue reading The Journey of A Ward of The State

Black Women and Black Lives

The Black Lives Matter movement is revolutionary, yet the fight is exhausting… Let me explain it’s exhausting because it is the same fight our fathers, mothers and grandparents fought. Though exhausting, it seems is necessary, without the constant protesting, marching and rioting would we be heard? Or better yet would we be seen? The thing … Continue reading Black Women and Black Lives

Growing Pains

People are constantly growing and constantly changing, the person you were in 2015 should not be the same person you are today there should be a distinct difference between the two, not saying you shouldn’t stay true to who you are but the essence of who you are should be different; the way you carry … Continue reading Growing Pains

The Lie, I’m Okay

“I’m okay,” Has to be the biggest lie we tell people when we’re going through life. It’s not because you don’t want to talk about it’s just too much going on, a lot you haven’t even processed yet especially in regard to your thoughts and emotions. Just in case nobody ever told you this, but … Continue reading The Lie, I’m Okay

Am I Black Girl Magic? Self Love Edition

Let's get a little personal today. Flaws, we all have them and if you're anything like me you point out EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. I am not saying that I am obsessive to the point, where I look in the mirror and start dragging myself for filth. No, my flaws are more than just … Continue reading Am I Black Girl Magic? Self Love Edition